JUSTIN GARRISON(7)                                                    JUSTIN GARRISON(7)


Justin Garrison - Engineer




justin is an advocate for other people's success, pushing boundaries, and open-source software. He's passionate about community, culture, and learning new things.



Apply engineering and scientific methods:

* Observe, orient, decide, act
* Distributed systems, Kubernetes, cloud-native technologies
* Development in bash, python, go, and ruby
* Builds simple, resilient, and antifragile systems


Always learning new things:

* Learn from data
* Fail fast, iterate
* Gain insight from experiences and perspectives of others


Teach when applicable and learn in all situations (see --student):

* Give direction, promote people, and get out of the way
* Desire to put people first and understand their needs
* Seek diversity and new perspectives


Open source, culture, distributed systems, the cloud, physics, and Linux

* O'Reilly book, http://www.cnibook.info
* Personal blog, http://justingarrison.com
* GitHub profile, http://github.com/rothgar


* Disney Streaming Services

- Sr. Software Engineer, 2018–present

Technical team lead for infrastructure in Amazon Web Services. Made sure multiple streaming products including Disney+ and ESPN+ were resiliant and scalable. Help decide standards, direction, and tooling for all AWS needs. Improved workflows for developers as well and set direction for container infrastructure and dependant services (e.g. DNS, logging).
Wrote automation and integrations for AWS, external partners, and internal services. Ran multiple training sessions for organization for best practices, technical tools, and security.

* Disney Feature Animation

- Sr. Systems Engineer, 2014–2018

Made Oscar winning movies. Managed render farm and servers.


* Formal education

- MS, Information Technology from Azusa Pacific University, 2010–2015
- BA, Math/Physics from Azusa Pacific University, 2001–2005

* Certifications

- Certified Kubernetes Administrator
- Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
- Many more at http://j.mp/justin-ln


E-mail: justin@linux.com || Phone: REDACTED || Twitter: @rothgar